A Plushiemorph is a soft cuddly toy that can transform! Each Plushiemorph transforms in a different way, so see the product pages for more details.

The physical process of transforming a Plushiemorph can aid the development of your child’s dexterity and coordination. For very young children you may have to help, but with practice they will be able to do it themselves.

Soft toys often accompany children on their adventures as they learn about the world, and the transforming features of Plushiemorphs can aid in their learning and discoveries, not only as comforting friends but also in practical ways.

For example Hero Pets can assist encouraging your child to dress themselves by making it into a race between them and the Hero pet.

Hero Pets can also aide children in overcoming fears and facing new challenges, play pretend where the Hero Pet tries out the new thing first encouraging your child to follow the Hero Pet’s example.

Imagination and creativity are natural abilities in all children, but can diminish as they grow older. Plushiemorphs are designed to engage children’s minds in creative and imaginative ways, encouraging them to make stories and expanding their natural curiosity to learn new things, preparing them for a lifetime of creativity and curiosity.

Creative children grow into creative adults, who can become the artists, musicians, writers, scientists, teachers and inventors of tomorrow.



I’m not really Harry Potter

Plushiemorphs are invented by Sarah ‘shiro’ Parr from her home in The Midlands in the UK.

She has ideas for lots and lots of fun plush toys that transform which she hopes to bring you in the future.

If you’d like to see more Plushiemorphs, please support her by buying the products that are currently available.


Because Plushiemorph toys are powered by your own imagination, they do not require batteries. That means you don’t have to worry about batteries running out, or your child getting access to electronic components. It also means the toys stay soft and cuddly with no hard voice boxes or battery packs to spoil the experience.

The best thing about being powered by imagination is that the play potential is limitless!

Plushiemorphs contain no hard components that might come loose and be swallowed (such as plastic eyes or electronics). Plushiemorphs are EN71 0+ certified. This means they are suitable from birth.

Plushiemorphs have the transforming parts of them cleverly sewn into the toy itself. That means there are no fiddly little parts that might get lost or swallowed, and there won’t be any frustration over missing pieces.