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Price Reduction

I have decided to reduce the price of Plushiemorphs.

I hope you will take the time to read my reasons for this.

To everyone who bought a Plushiemorph at the full price, I still believe the toys are easily worth that price, and I hope, in buying you also believed in the quality and uniqueness of the product.

I would like to thank everyone who paid the original price for their Plushiemorphs very much.

By doing so you have allowed me to continue pursuing my dream to get Plushiemorphs known. You have allowed me to keep the website running, you have made it possible for me to attend events, you have kept the dream of Plushiemorphs alive!

I am a designer, an artist, an inventor. I am not a salesperson. And I have learned I am not an entrepreneur.

Despite this I have been trying to get Plushiemorphs to be taken by a wholesaler since the business started. Feedback has been great, people who are entrepreneurs said the product was an easy sell. However all my attempts have failed.

Being new to the toy industry I had my toys made via and agent, who dealt with the factory and production for me. They allowed me to do a small minimum run of the toy to test it in the market. They did an absolutely fantastic job in realising Hero Dog and Hero Cat.

However small minimum runs, having quality materials used to ensure the toy was the best it could be and the additional cut of the agent means a higher base price which even without me taking any profit turned out to be too high for distributors and retails.

After a year of having product to sell, and being unable to attract a distributor, I have reached a crunch point. I now need to pay back the money loaned to manufacture the initial run of toys.

Retailers take a large mark-up on the products they buy wholesale. I just need to cover the production costs and the cost of attending events. I need to sell the stock I have to recoup the debt owed and I hope to sell more stock by lowering the price.

Selling more stock will also get more Plushiemorphs into the hands of kids, and hopefully spread the word.

I had fun designing the toys, I loved the process of getting them manufactured. I hate trying to sell them in this commercial word of huge companies that can sell toys so cheap that it’s a struggle to break in for a new idea.

I don’t know what this means for Plushiemorphs in the long term. I still have a million ideas and I still believe in the value of these toys.

Plushiemorphs are now reduced to £10 per toy, this will be online and at events. Free shipping is no longer available for online orders.


Thank you for reading.



Last Fair Before Christmas

Our final fair will be Leamington Spa’s fabulous Yuletide Market on 20th December from 10-4pm

It’s on the main parade and there will be loads of fantastic stalls as well as Plushiemorphs, so perfect for some last minute gift buying!

Hero Dog and Hero Cat look forward to seeing you there!

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