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Colouring and activity sheets


Right click a thumbnail and ‘save picture as’ to download the activity sheets.


Hero Dog Round the World
Hero Cat Round the World
Holiday Colouring
 Super Hot Summer
Plushiemorphs Postcard Competition-01
Finger Puppets
Plushiemorphs maze
Summer Join-the-dots


Print and Play Games


Right click a thumbnail and ‘save target as’ to download a PDF of a game.

Spring Forward Preview
Dress-up V2-01
pumpkin patch icon


Your Artwork


Enjoy our awesome artwork gallery! Send in your own artwork via Facebook to be featured in our Artwork Gallery.


Plushiemorph Adventures


Kids with their pets. Looking awesome!


The Hero Squad!


Yes! They are real 🙂 Join our Facebook page to send in pictures of your real Hero Pets!